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Load a script

In order to load a Lua script you have multiple options depending on the use case.

Built-in Editor

The Lua Editor is the built-in editor inside the software.

  • Copy the selected script you want to clipboard (CTRL+C).
  • Open Settings tab in the Cheat Menu.
  • Click Create.
  • Click CTRL+V on Lua Editor.
  • Click Run and Save.

Your editor of choice

  • Click Open Settings Folder from Settings->Advanced tab in the Cheat Menu.
  • Make new file called example.lua
  • Paste one of the scripts you want into the file.
  • Save it then click Refresh under Lua Scripts list in menu.
  • Select the script from list and press Load.


Open CONSOLE tab in cheat menu and then write the following: "print('Hello from lua');"      --To run lua script directly
lua.load script.lua                     --To run lua script from file


Select the script and click Set As Autorun. This will set the script to be loaded automatically every time the software is loaded.