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Draw rounded rectangle with top left point at x1, y1 and bottom right point at x2, y2 radius = radius of roundness tl = round top left corner tr = round top right corner bl = round bottom left corner br = round bottom right corner.


draw.RoundedRect(int:x1, int:y1, int:x2, int:y2, int:radius, int:tl, int:tr, int:bl, int:br)


integer:x1 First point number of x.

integer:y1 First point number of y.

integer:x2 Second point number of x.

integer:y2 Second point number of y.

integer:radius Amount of roundness.

integer:tl Round top left corner.

integer:tr Round top right corner.

integer:bl Round bottom left corner.

integer:br Round bottom right corner.


callbacks.Register("Draw", function()
    draw.Color(255, 138, 130, 255);
    draw.RoundedRect(20, 20, 300, 200, 50, 5, 0, 0, 5);