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WorldToScreen( Vector3 )

Translate world position into screen position (x,y)

Command( cmd, unrestrict )

Run command in game console

ChatSay( msg )

Say text on chat

ChatTeamSay( msg )

Say text on team chat

AllowListener( eventName )

Request sending given game event from server

GetPlayerNameByIndex( index )

Return player name by index

GetPlayerNameByUserID( userID )

Return player name by user id

GetPlayerInfo( index )

Returns the following table:

Variable Value
"Name" "playername"
"UserID" number
"SteamID" "STEAM_0:?:?"
"IsBot" true/false
"IsGOTV" true/false


Return local player index

SetConVar( name, value, unrestrict )

Set game convar

GetConVar( name )

Get game convar