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Class: GuiObject


This class has no fields.


GetName() Return name of the object.

SetName() Set the name of the object. Example, button label.

SetValue(string:varname, object:value)Set value of the object.

GetValue() Return value of the object.

SetActive() Make this object active. For windows, makes the window appear or disappear.

IsActive() Return boolean, true or false if visible.

SetText(string:text) Set the text of the object. For gui.Text, changes the displayed text.

SetOpenKey(keycode) Change the key bind to open/close gui.Window.

SetDescription(string:text) Add description to created object.

SetOptions(option1, option2, ...) Set options for Combobox or Listbox.

SetPosX(integer:number) Set the position of X to the object. Relative to parent

SetPosY(integer:number) Set the position of Y to the object. Relative to parent

SetWidth(integer:number) Set the object width.

SetHeight(integer:number) Set the object Height.

SetInvisible(boolean) Make object invisible or visible.

SetDisabled(boolean) Set object to disabled state (not clickable).

Remove() Remove UI object.

Reference(object) Checks for only the child objects.

GetString() Returns the value as a string object.

SetString(string:text) Sets the object value as a string.

SetIcon(texture, integer:scale) Sets the window icon.

Children() Returns a iterator for child objects.


Gui object creation

local Tab = gui.Tab(gui.Reference("Visuals"), "ScriptTabValue", "MyScript");
local Groupbox = gui.Groupbox(tab, "Groupbox", 16, 16);

local Value, Name = Groupbox:GetValue(), Groupbox:GetName();

Groupbox:SetDescription("New Description");

Getting and setting config values

local ragebotenabled = gui.GetValue("rbot.master");
local speedburst = gui.GetValue("misc.speedburst.enable");

gui.SetValue("misc.speedburst.enable", true);


To retrieve set config values, export your config to clipboard, and you will be able to see the values you can get/set.

Reading children objects

local function PrintChildren(obj, prefix)
    print(prefix .. obj:GetName());
    for child in obj:Children() do
        PrintChildren(child, prefix .. "\t");

PrintChildren(gui.Reference("MENU"), "");