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gui.Groupbox(parent:string, name:string, x:int, y:int, width:int, height:int)


parent A gui object.

name Label of object.

x Integer of the horizontal axias. (Optional)

y Integer of the vertical axis. (Optional)

width Integer of the width. (Optional)

height Integer of the height. (Optional)

Return value

This does not return a value.


local egb_misc = gui.Reference("MISC");
local egb_gui = gui.Tab(egb_misc, "egb_gui", "Example Groupbox");

-- Creating the object
local egb_groupbox_a = gui.Groupbox(egb_gui, "Wanna be a groupie? A", 16, 16, 287.5, 50);
local egb_groupbox_b = gui.Groupbox(egb_gui, "Wanna be a groupie? B", 319.5, 16, 287.5, 100);

-- Lets add a few objects to make it look pretty
-- So we call groupbox here instead of gui so it will put it inside the gui instead
local egb_checkbox_a = gui.Checkbox(egb_groupbox_a, "egp_checkbox_a", "My checkbox groupie A", true);
local egb_checkbox_b = gui.Checkbox(egb_groupbox_b, "egp_checkbox_b", "My checkbox groupie B", true);